Save Our Stow update

Saveourstow is amazed that L&Q have 400 million in the bank and two directors are taking over 500,000 a year from the tax payer. The so- called charity is a drain on the public purse and is still taking government grants.
The organisation is playing the property market with tax payers money and denying local residents their right to have a greyhound track . The so- called “we will listen to the residents” is a total sham in a recent survey to the residents all questions were prompted apart from do you want greyhound racing  Why ?
Even 5% requested racing when not even asked , how many would have replied yes if prompted along with the other questions ?
London & Quadrant claim they have the Labour Council in their pockets and were encouraged by Labour to buy the site . We have asked the Labour council to reply to our letter do they think that the so – called consultation of 751 people not be given the option of greyhound racing is fair to the residents , Bering in mind over 25,000 signed a petition for the return of racing to the Labour Council.
L&Q paid too much money for the site , cannot get their money back and have already dropped from 500 Houses to 300 and will never obtain planning permission . They are totally deceiving the Public and are a total disgrace to the word” charity” .
Saveourstow along with the residents and all supporters will soon be to the Headquarters of this Property developer that uses the tax payers money to destroy a local community and stop a viable business from continuing giving local jobs to the residents and the only main source of in ward investment to the borough
We will also be seeking the Local Labour Council to support it’s residents and local MP’s and stop the housing at any cost . The jewel in the crown is” the stow” for the whole borough and if this council ever let’s it be turned into a Housing estate the residents will never forgive them
Mr Bob Morton’s offer of 9 million which is the current market value for the site is still on the table should L&Q want to give the resident’s what they want .
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2 Responses to Save Our Stow update

  1. Caroline says:

    Waltham Forest has a statutory duty to work with the community on planning matters.
    It beggars belief that a petition with 25,000 signatures has not been listened to! Politicising planning decisions is totally wrong and all planning applications should be viewed by Councilors impartially. This should ensure that a democratic 25,000 strong petition is given due weight. The community insists that the Stow is not turned into more housing!
    There are many campaigns in Chingford to stop the blatant ruining of our community. For help and support for your campaign you can email and unite against the developers ruining Chingford.

  2. Paul says:

    L&Q’s own survey shows that 52% of local residents have been greyhound racing at Walthamstow Stadium. This is a huge number of the local population and I cannot imagine that there are many other leisure facilities in the UK that would enjoy that level of support. So how can L&Q be so stubborn as to not even concede that there is need for a greyhound stadium in the area. We all know however that building houses on leisure facilities is more profitable but if we allow this policy to continue no one will have anything to do except watch tv and play video games.

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