SOS Press Release – Response to L&Q’s latest press release

Mr. Bob Morton, President of Gobarta, has held further talks with developer L&Q who paid 18.1million of part tax payer’s money for the Iconic Walthamstow Greyhound stadium in 2008. Saveourstow is delighted to confirm that Mr. Morton on behalf of Gobarta offered the developers 9 million in line with the current market value for the site. Mr. Morton also confirmed that if L&Q had maintained the site and not let it fall into disrepair a further 4 million would have been on offer.

L&Q never looked into the proposal and made a decision within the hour meeting, not to accept the offer, the social housing provider have now also confirmed that without consulting the residents they will not have greyhound racing on the iconic site as they feel that’s best for the community. L&Q also confirmed they do not care what the Mayor of London wants or the local MP’s.

L&Q bought the stadium thinking it was not viable and bought at the top of the market, without planning permission, which they still don’t have. They also did not think that public opinion would be so strong in favour of the dog track. There is also Mr. Morton who now wishes to operate the land for its current viable use and provide social housing. L&Q’s residential content has already fallen from 500 to 300 and it will reduce further if the local council planner’s vision of requirement for significant leisure on the site is to be delivered in their latest design. This has so far been a public disaster for the developers and continues to be until they accept the fact they will never obtain planning permission. L&Q continue to deny these mistakes which all contribute to a lower value of the land.

Saveourstow is surprised how an RSL has been allowed to a mass 400 million in the bank, whilst continuing to claim housing grants out of the public purse , can blatantly ignore residents, and are now  clearly developers playing the housing market with tax payers money. Two director’s of L&Q drain the public purse of over 500,000 a year whilst the rest of the public sector faces cutbacks .We also confirm that Mr. Morton’s current market offer for the site remains firmly on the table which provides jobs and social housing in line with residents wishes already supplied to the Council and The Mayor of London’s vision for the site which L&Q have never acknowledged.

It has taken two years for the Housing association to show its true colours and confirms that it has deceived the Council and residents of the Borough of Waltham Forest. We call upon the Government in line with its own policy to investigate London & Quadrant funding.

Saveourstow confirms that in line with” Call for sites” council  Policy the residents sent over ten times more replies to protect Walthamstow greyhound stadium than any in the borough’s history. The only one objection came from L&Q themselves. The resident’s also supplied the council with a 25,000 petition for the site to remain a greyhound stadium.

We call upon the Mayor of London, Councilor’s , MP’s, trade unions, resident’s , resident’s associations and the greyhound industry to join us shortly in the borough to stop the wasting of Public funds and the denial of local  jobs by the developer L&Q. This is the most blatant act of a developer forcing its own profit before the wishes of any community and London & Quadrant must now be stopped.

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4 Responses to SOS Press Release – Response to L&Q’s latest press release

  1. john gardner says:

    absolutely shocking!!!! L&Q should be investigated now,not only by the local council,but by government itself.
    they cannot go on treating local residents with disrespect and the sooner they are stopped,the better.
    why cant the local council put a compulsery purchase order on the stow and get rid of L&Q for good!!!!!!

  2. Cllr Lee Dangerfield says:

    Although I am not a councillor in Walthamstow I am a councillor in Harlow and also a councillor for Essex County Council if I am able to help in any way please let me know.

  3. Paul says:

    L&Q’s own survey shows that 52% of local residents have been greyhound racing at Walthamstow Stadium. This is a huge number of the local population and I cannot imagine that there are many other leisure facilities in the UK that would enjoy that level of support. So how can L&Q be so stubborn as to not even concede that there is need for a greyhound stadium in the area. We all know however that building houses on leisure facilities is more profitable but if we allow this policy to continue no one will have anything to do except watch tv and play video games.

  4. Tom Corderoy says:

    totally agree with Pauls comments- it is plainly obvious that L&Q want to sit back and wait till the market picks up to save face. The contempt it has shown towards the local community and its residents along with Bob Mortons bid to please both sides with greyhound racing and housing at the iconic Stow is astonishing. I cannot recall a situation like this that has evolved since the track shut- it is about time the government investigate how L&Q have amassed £400m in its bank account made up of considerable public taxpayers cash. Perhaps CLLR Dangerfield may be able to ruffle a few feathers at his level.

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