MP’s demand serious answers from L&Q !!

Iain Duncan Smith MP and Stella Creasy MP said in a joint statement:

“We are very disappointed that L&Q has rejected Bob Morton’s offer without meeting him beforehand. L&Q now need to answer some very serious questions. On what grounds did they reject a bid without even meeting the bidder to discuss his proposals? Why do L&Q challenge Bob Morton’s offer on the basis of its “planning viability”? How would the “planning viability” of L&Q’s own proposals be different from that of Bob Morton’s? L&Q state that Bob Morton’s offer was “well short of the current market valuation and potential of the site”. What then is the current market valuation of the site?”

“We are both committed to securing a future for the stadium and are meeting Ministers at the DCLG shortly to discuss this. We will also be seeking to make representations to the HCA about this. L&Q’s conduct with regard to Bob Morton’s offer – and in general – is not in keeping with the spirit of our meeting with the Chief Executive last month and is not characteristic of a housing association which is committed to the needs and wishes of the local community.”

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1 Response to MP’s demand serious answers from L&Q !!

  1. Colleen Moutrie says:

    My support for you campagn againt L&Q,

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