SOS response to latest L&Q Press Statement

Save Our Stow, the lobby organisation committed to bringing back greyhound racing, leisure and mixed tenure use of housing for the iconic Walthamstow stadium in East London, is totally amazed and shocked by the latest press release from London & Quadrant, the site owners (Click HERE to view).

L&Q paid 18.1 million pounds (mainly tax payers’ money) for the site, which has been land banked for the last two years – costing the tax payer more money by the day with rates and security costs.  L&Q now claim they can only build 300 units on the site, down from the original 500 units in their public consultation.  This is in effect an admission that they paid far too much for the land as their purchase price would have been based on their building 500 units, not the proposed 300 units. We calculate that they have wasted over £8m of part tax payers money on this deal to date.

L&Q have also not obtained planning permission, and will not be able to do so as the site will be protected by the forthcoming Unitery Development Plan. Again, L&Q’s buying the site without planning permission is total professional incompetence of the highest level and a gamble of tax payers money.

We have had numerous dates from L&Q for when plans will be submitted – the earliest being late 2008 – so any claims made by L&Q cannot be believed. The social housing will only be 150 units, as opposed to Save Our Stow plans which include approximately 65 units and create numerous local jobs, a boost for the whole economy and taking low paid workers off benefits in line with Government policy .

Waltham Forest Council has faced cutbacks from Central Government, including scrapping of the schools building programme.  Yet London & Quadrant is in the borough stopping inward investment and jobs vital to the area.  The 8 million wasted by L&Q could have been used on the schools building programme, helping local people in the borough.

L&Q have already had a public consultation with the local residents, which was attended by hundreds.  They demanded the return of greyhound racing to the iconic site and L&Q have been told by the Borough’s MPs in no uncertain terms – as well as the Mayor of London – that greyhound racing should return to its historic home. The results of this ‘public’ consultation was never made public because of the overwhelming support for the return of greyhound racing.

L&Q are totally out of touch with the residents of the borough, Councillors, the Mayor of London, and MPs.  They should stop all actions on the stadium, thus not wasting any more tax payers’ money, and sell to Mr Morton who will bring back our heritage, hundreds of jobs, inward investment and social housing to the borough.

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6 Responses to SOS response to latest L&Q Press Statement

  1. linda says:

    from what i know of L and Q they are a law unto themselves.certainly not to be trusted.having had personal contact with there representative,be under no will be shafted…………

  2. Lewis fisher says:

    I clearly cannot understand why L&Q have gone ahead and appointed new architects at this stage, By doing this it just seems like they want to Infuriate everyone involved in the campaign. “Why would you do that” By doing this just looks to me like they are damaging there Image as a company as a whole. They know that Residents MP’S And everyone else involved does not want Redevelopment at Walthamstow apart from themselfs, i mean what are they trying to acheive. I know wasting more Tax payers money!!!!!

  3. Andy Bishop says:

    L and Q clearly want to maximise and save whats left of their investment. It seems to be one of their last rolls of the dice. However what happened at Catford Stadium looms ever larger. If L and Q were a public quoted company there would be a vote of no confidence by shareholders. Maybe a nudge in the direction of the Tenant Services Authority or whoever oversees the way public money is handled might help.

  4. Martin Donovan says:

    It seems L&Q are blatenly ignoring the huge support for the re-introduction of greyhound racing at the stow, they are not seeing this logicaly, like Andy Bishop says maybe the tenant services authority should step in and end this farce!
    L&Q Shame on you!
    Give us back OUR dog track!

  5. david andrews says:

    Martin.Andy and Lewis i so wholeheartedtly agree with everything you mention, it`s about time L&Q woke up after 2years of doing absolute nothing regarding building on the site, and listening to what the local people would like to see happen to it. Let`s get our track back and make it an icon of greyhound stadiums in this country again.

  6. Vanessa Wood says:

    Walthamstow doesn’t need more ghetto estates to home yet m0re unemployed/unemployable homeless people – it’s over-populated as it is and becoming like a endemic rat infestation, with not enough schools, doctors’ surgeries (try getting an appointment at one!), jobs or leisure activities (other than the countless bookies and hair n nail parlours springing up every 10 yards – is the also once iconic Baker’s Arms area now going to be re-announced on bus routes as “Bookies’ Corner” I wonder..) to support them, and has gone downhill so much in the last 10 years I’ve been here I’m actually considering selling up and finding somewhere else further afield myself! If there’s not enough facilities – including homes – for the current homeless, surely that simply means they’ll have to move to somewhere that can accommodate them? (How about “North Londonshire” – they’re so desperate for new life/residents, they’re even currently advertising on the radio!). Besides that, last year I saw the plans for a MASSIVE housing scheme (“Banbury Park” : being planned by Billet Road just by the A406 Roundabout – surely that’s enough for the immediate area to cope with?? (I’ve presumed the planning application was approved – if it wasn’t, perhaps L&Q can do their worst there instead).

    Keeping The Dogs would, to my thinking, mean: Less rather than more people being packed into the borough; employment for those who already live here; and AFFORDABLE, great entertainment a whole family can enjoy; an iconic building (I don’t get how it’s not Listed?) not being torn down and a venue with a sense of social community – a concept that is becoming more and more eroded around here as we’re being diluted with a culture/influx of people who know (or care) little about anyone else. Including L&Q it seems…

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