National & Local Newspaper Campaign

Save Our Stow started its new National & Local advertising campaign with a hard hitting advert against the ‘Fat Cat’ directors of L&Q.

SOS – Full Page Guardian Advert 08-07-10 (You will need adobe PDF reader to view this advert)

The advert appeared this weeks Local Guardian – Click HERE to view the advert (P17) and to also read a statement from Bob Morton with regards to his provisional talks with L&Q last week (P10)

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3 Responses to National & Local Newspaper Campaign

  1. david andrews says:

    just seen racing post article, very promising news well dun all concerned, after nearly 2 years l n q are now listening!!!!

    keep the pressure up gang we can do it

    • saveourstow says:

      Thanks for picking up on that article David.

      The news is indeed promising and we hope this will help lead to a deal being done and greyhound racing coming back to the Stow !!

  2. Tom Corderoy says:

    I echo the above comments- with I an Duncan Smith and Stella Creasey really getting their teeth into L.Q I feel more encouraged than at any time over almost two years that we may have a likely deal on the table before the month is out. I realise that whilst negotiations are going on our press campaign might go a little quiet but hey just keep spreading the word- WE WILL race again.

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