Response to the Mayor of London’s question time.


‘SAVE OUR STOW is delighted with Mayor Johnson’s response which further endorses the views of the local MP’s, councillors and residents as evidenced by a 25,000 strong petition. We are thrilled that he wants to ‘restore greyhound racing to its primary and historic home’ as Europe’s number one greyhound stadium.

We thank him for taking the time to firstly meet with us and then to consider our plans for this historic site. We welcome the fact that the Mayor and SOS share the same vision-that of a regeneration of the site that includes a range of leisure uses, including greyhound racing, and new affordable housing. We feel that the Mayor has taken on board our argument that this general format has been successful in Ireland and it can regenerate this part of East London, creating hundreds of local jobs and a real boost for the local economy.

We will furnish the Mayor’s office with our financial projections, which prove financial viability beyond question, for him to peruse at his leisure.

We now urge London & Quadrant to accept the inevitable fate of this great stadium. Their choices are now extremely limited. They can either continue with their doomed, solely residential plans or they can sell to our investors or work with them to create an outcome that fits in with the Mayor’s vision and the wishes of the council, local MP’s and the local community.

They can no longer speculate on the property market using tax payers money. With the Olympics looming large and their plans clearly showing that the site would remain totally derelict in 2012, we call upon London & Quadrant to act now and publicly state that they are willing to sell the site to our investors or work with them to secure a mixed usage scheme that includes greyhound racing, subject to an agreement on price. ‘


Iain’s quote about Mayor’s Question Time:

“I am very glad the Mayor’s Office is taking an interest in this issue and I look forward to hearing the outcome of their meeting with L&Q.”


‘Whilst there is a significant need for affordable housing in the borough there is also a need for leisure facilities. We are pleased that London & Quadrant are going to meet Save the Stow campaigners and that there are still leisure and housing options being put forward for the dog track and it is important that these are fully explored.

Cllr Marie Pye, Lead Member for Housing and Development is meeting with Save the Stow and L&Q in the next few weeks’.

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