London Mayor would like to restore greyhound racing back to the Stow

Written Answers to questions not answered at Mayor’s Question Time on 9 June 2010

Walthamstow Stadium (1)

Question No: 1906 / 2010

Andrew Boff

What was discussed at your meeting with Save our Stow on 12 May regarding Walthamstow Stadium?

Answer from the Mayor:

Save our Stow requested this meeting to personally express their disappointment and frustration on the lack of progress by the current owners, and particularly to explain their opposition to the continued loss of the dog racing. They presented me with their vision of the site to create a new mixed-use leisure facility with the restoration of dog racing, and some affordable residential units. I closed the meeting by promising to speak to the current owners to ascertain what they planned to do with the site, as the present hiatus is not beneficial to anyone.

Walthamstow Stadium (2)

Question No: 1907 / 2010

Andrew Boff

What is your vision for the future of Walthamstow Stadium?

Answer from the Mayor:

My vision for the regeneration of this site includes a range of leisure uses and new affordable housing, with heritage assets protected and enhanced, and built and designed to the highest architectural and environmental standards.  Ideally, this would restore greyhound racing to this, its primary and historic home, but the viability of, and demand for, greyhound racing remains to be demonstrated conclusively.  I have already met with representatives of ‘Save our Stow’, and was impressed by their emerging proposals.  I have not yet, however, met with London and Quadrant, the current site owners, and it would therefore not be appropriate for me to comment further.  I will keep an open mind about the two alterative proposals and will consider any planning application in the context of the London Plan and local planning policies.

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1 Response to London Mayor would like to restore greyhound racing back to the Stow

  1. Nigel says:

    It’s great that Boris has taken note – I think a few more nudges in his direction might get things moving

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