Statement from Stella Creasy (MP for Walthamstow)

“There can be no doubt the people of Walthamstow want to see their famous dog track restored and no question of the determination of all of us involved in this campaign to help make that happen. The commercial interest in bringing greyhound racing back to the Stow shows it can be done- and the willingness of these investors to work with London and Quadrant to see if housing can be included in this offers L&Q an opportunity to be part of the solution rather than the barrier to progress for the future of the site. The alternative- leaving our iconic track derelict for the years ahead- will do nothing to help the people of Waltham Forest or provide the housing L&Q claim to offer our area. I hope therefore L&Q will name their price for the Walthamstow Dog Track and commit to negotations with Save our Stow so that we can see if a deal can be done for the benefit of Walthamstow.”
Stella Creasy (MP for Walthamstow)
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8 Responses to Statement from Stella Creasy (MP for Walthamstow)

  1. john gardner says:

    its about time the local council got l&q by the throat and get some answers from them. this situation has gone on long enough. all i hope is that the council wont be railroaded into something they dont want just because large amounts of money will be offered. please put the stow back on the map for everyone to enjoy.

  2. Lomie says:

    totally agree! I can’t see that we need more housing-for who exactly? The council need to listen to what the majority of locals (and not so locals) want and pull their finger out and DO SOMETHING to save the stadium, once this is gone its gone for good and landmarks such as this need to be saved, I am sick of looking at new build flats popping up all over the place, no wander Walthamstow is so much more crowded than it was 10 years ago when I first moved here!

  3. tom corderoy says:

    all this news is very encouraging especially now it involves the politicians to add extra clout to the cause.

    i hope BobMorton as reported is serious with his intentions to brin g racing back to the Stow soon, as for L&Q i hope they see logic and commonsense to sit down at the table to thrash out a deal this summer.

  4. david andrews says:


    Bob and ricky what a coalition[topical i thought].

    Havent heard how the london assembly went today, any ideas folks?

    • saveourstow says:

      Keep an eye out on the London Assembly website on Monday, the Mayor of London will be making his views about the Stadium then, we are hoping for a positive response.

  5. david andrews says:

    Hey Tom when we do reopen can we meet up for a mineral water or a glass or bubbly as we are consistently airing our views. just a thought fellow stow fanatic

  6. Lewis fisher says:

    If the company has had interest shown from a party or particular person, why do L&Q deny all knowledge regarding the site?, Maybe they do not want to admit a near Defeat and have to eat Humble Pie!! Anyone Agree…

  7. david andrews says:

    ah yes Lewis, never thought about that one…you could be right ,.hope you are

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