L&Q submit plans & local MP’s ‘deeply angered’

Today, L&Q finally let businessman Nick Budimir and representatives interested in buying the track in to view it. At the same time, L&Q have submitted their plans to develop the site into 479 flats. You can read the whole story in Waltham Forest Guardian.

The plans will be decided by the Council and there will be a period of public consultation – in order we can let you know how to have your say – please sign up to our mailing list.

In response to L&Q submitting their plans, Neil Gerrard MP for Walthamstow and Stella Creasy, prospective parliamentary candidate for Walthamstow, have issued the following statement:

“We are deeply angered to see London and Quadrant’s notice of an application for planning permission hidden in small print on this week’s Waltham Forest Guardian on page 25. Despite having repeatedly attempted to talk to them and to see if it would be possible for a deal to be done with those seeking to buy the dog track back, they have not even had the courtesy to let us know of their decision to press ahead with an application directly. This notice gives little detail at present of any substantial community amenity or any consideration of the effects of this development on local transport and schools. We have therefore asked to meet them as a matter of urgency.  We intend to press them to take seriously the offer being made for the site for the benefit of the local community and our local economy. We know Walthamstow needs its dog track back to help kickstart our night time economy and we are pledged as local representatives to lead the fight for this to happen.”

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4 Responses to L&Q submit plans & local MP’s ‘deeply angered’

  1. Martin Donovan says:

    Yet more underhand tactics by L&Q, its a sad sign of the times when a charity are no longer interested in listening to what the people want!
    L&Q shame on you! Give us back OUR dog track!

  2. david andrews says:

    ok lets ask the question.. why is l&q`s notice for application`hidden` in small print on page 25 and not on the front page of a local paper that has its community at heart. And it coincides with Nick budimir`s access to the stadium..mmn smell a RAT? I DO!!

  3. david andrews says:

    Just seen on rp website nick budimir says it will take 5M to get the stow back racing. Can we do it? Never give up the fight weve come this far now , lets hope we can finish the job

  4. empress ave resident says:

    No planning application has been received by London Borough of Waltham Forest as at 1st March 2010.

    The Public Notice in the Local Guardian was put there by TP Bennetts.

    The public notice in the Local Guardian dated 25 February 2010 was not placed by London Borough of Waltham Forest who are being inundated with phone calls regarding this.

    Hope this information is useful to you.

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