Conservative Group pledge their support

From Andy Hemsted (Cllr) Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Walthamstow:

I would like to make my position and the posistion of the Conservative Group on Waltham Forest Council regarding the Dog Track.

We whole heartedly support the campaign to bring dog racing back to the stadium. As I mentioned this campaign you are running has interest from around the world, as when I was in Las Vegas last year several people when they realised where I was from asked what was going on, and if we were mad to let such an icon of our area be destroyed!!!!

I wish to see racing return to the Walthamstow Stadium. I loved spending evenings there with friends and their families, and was there on the very emotional last night, and I will be there on the opening night of the new stadium when it opens, as I believe it must!!!!

As you are aware I am also disappointed with the response I got at the meeting from the representaives of L&Q, who, in front of witness’s told me they have had no meetings with anyone regarding the site, and have not had permission to look at a proposed bids bank records to see if they have available funds. They changed their minds on the meeting when it was pointed out to them that several people present had been to this meeting with them. I hope they have now had the bank records they need to help move matters along.

I am very disappointed that the developer has decided to push ahead with plans, and I urge them to suspend their plans, talk to the people interested in running the dog track, and look for a way we can keep OUR stadium.

With the idea of losing our Pool and Track as well being talked about in some circles, and currently no cinema in Waltham Forest, we cannot aford to lose another leisure facility!!!

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