Boris quizzed over the stadium

Boris Johnson appeared on the Venessa Feltz show today and was quizzed by Ricky Holloway about his alleged support of the housing scheme proposed by L&Q – Boris stated what Ricky put to him, was ‘making [his] blood run cold’ he said that he would look into what was written, finishing by saying ‘I will see what we can do to support the greyhounds in Walthamstow’. If you want to encourage Boris to support the campaign, you can write to him at may

Listen again on
22.30 minutes in.

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2 Responses to Boris quizzed over the stadium

  1. Hi,

    We posted some interviews with Ricky, L&Q, and various politicians on our website. Please feel free to use the clips if they’re any use or link to it. Whatever’s useful to the campaign really.

    Thanks for talking to us on the day

  2. Walthamstow Resident says:

    If a complaint is filed asking for L&Q to be stripped of their charity status, please let us know

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