Stadium bidder revealed in bid to move negotiations forwards

David Sullivan, former joint owner of Birmingham City Football Club and one of the country’s leading businessmen confirmed that he has been actively involved in the negotiations to purchase Walthamstow Stadium. See the Press Release

David Sullivan’s company, whose representative is Nick Budimir, has written to London and Quadrant stating its intention to buy the stadium. The letter to L&Q sets out the financial status of the company and its clear financial ability to purchase the site.

We are also pleased to advise that Maurice Watkins, (Chairman of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain-the governing body for licensed greyhound racing in England, Scotland and Wales) has written to Mayor of London’s planning office (download the letter). Mr Watkins offers his full support to the efforts being made to re-open the track and looks forward to discussing with Messrs Sullivan and Budimir and their associates how the GBGB can lend further support. SOS would like to thank Mr Watkins and the GBGB.

London and Quadrant are failing in their bid to turn the site in to a concrete jungle. L&Q have been in talks with the planning department of the Greater London Authority for over a year trying to convince them about their residential plans. Each time their plans have been rejected as being ‘too high density’ and ‘not in keeping with the Mayor’s plans for London’. Local planning policy also supports the retention of employment and leisure use on the site and not a change of use to housing.

The above information demonstrates that there is a viable alternative to housing on the site, that alternative being a vibrant and exciting leisure and entertainment complex which includes greyhound racing.

We would like everyone to write to the following people to urge the racing is brought back to Walthamstow Stadium and to inform them of this news.

All your local representatives can be found via
Boris Johnson
Chief Exec of Waltham Forest Council, Andrew Kilburn,
Leader of the Council Chris Robbins,

And cc the following people if you have time.

Ron Presswell, Urban Design:  
Chris Dransfield, Employment and Skills:  
Munawar Hussain, Business and Enterprise :  
Chris Berry, Physical Regeneration :

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9 Responses to Stadium bidder revealed in bid to move negotiations forwards

  1. david andrews says:

    This is absolutely brilliant news.

    The best xmas prezzy all supporters can have.

  2. Tom Corderoy says:

    Fantastic news, could hardly believe my ears when I heard David Sullivan is behind this venture. I really think this time round L&Q have been backed into a corner to sell on. Lets all hope the coming New Year ends our nightmare and dog racing returns to where it belongs-At The Stow.

  3. david andrews says:

    Very much agree Tom a very valid comment on l&q.
    Lets hope and pray and who knows soon we might be singing `greyhound racing`s coming home it`s coming home….

  4. Barrie Clegg says:

    Thanks everyone for all your comments and wonderful support-from the SOS Team

  5. Martin Donovan says:

    This is excellent news, it seems the tables are turning on L&Q, lets hope they do the decent thing and sell up, well done to all the SOS team!

  6. sam says:

    Hi there this is fantastic i have been following save our stow i get a load of information from here and have set up a group on face book last week and have just over 400 members and counting so it shows you how much this place means to the community .

  7. saveourstow says:

    Hi Sam, thanks for your comments, there’s already quite a few Walthamstow Dogs groups on Facebook, it would be really helpful if you could direct people to which is the official page. We also had problems with the ‘Save Walthamstow Dogs’ page on Facebook. It has about 10,000 sign ups to it, but when a group reaches over 5,000 you’re unfortunately unable to contact people!! So, if you want to help, please do direct people to Thanks very much for your support!

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