SOS would like to provide a brief update of the current position regarding our campaign to bring back greyhound racing to Walthamstow Stadium.

We are delighted to report that our recent local media campaign was hugely successful. This culminated in many thousands of letters being sent to the council in support of our aim to protect Walthamstow Stadium under planning law. It also gave us the opportunity to meet with the public and further cement the overwhelming local support that our campaign enjoys. We would like to thank all SOS supporters that helped with this.

We are also pleased to advise that matters are progressing positively ‘behind the scenes’ and we have handed matters over to the financiers.

As a gesture of goodwill to London and Quadrant and to help facilitate a potential deal to be made, SOS are suspending their campaign and we are making no further press comment until further notice.

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  1. david andrews says:

    is that a positive or negative,

    please be the former

  2. martin donovan says:

    Well done to all at sos for the brilliant effort to keep greyhound racing at the stow, lets hope the consortium can broker a deal with L&Q and bring the stow back to life,
    A year ago the chances of the stow re opening were zero!
    Now, thanks to an excellent campaign there is a real chance that the most iconic greyhound track in the uk could re open,
    Thanks to everyone at sos for working so hard behind the scenes to fulfil that dream !!

  3. Tom Corderoy says:

    I share the comments Martin Donovan made and also add that if a deal is finally reached with L&Q to re-open the Stow the opening meeting should be dedicated solely to Ricky Holloway.

    The hard-working SOS campaigners have fought tirelessly drumming up support nationwide and can only hope all efforts will not be in vain.
    The suspension of campaign news is a concern and like others would like some general updates of progress made in conjunction with L&Q.

  4. Jayne Conway says:

    I never visited Walthamstow but I have promised myself that if the campaign to re-open the stadium is successful, that I’ll be there on the first night. Everyone involved in the campaign has my very best wishes.

  5. Steve Hayes says:

    So called afforadble housing or “pop up ghetto’s” have shot up everywhere recently in E17 & E4. Local services cannot cope with the influx of people, buses, schools, doctors surgeries etc Are the company going to build a school? nursery? No of course they’re not!

    Let’s get the site open again as a thriving community race track, that can diversify into other profitable leisure activities also!

    How can a so called Olympic borough let this happen is beyond me like-wise with the EMD cinema!

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