Press release from Save Our Stow

Please find attached to this post a press release from Save Our Stow with regards to the recently issued Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium Urban Design Guidance.  Also attached is a copy of the draft letter we would like everyone to print out and post to Waltham Forest Council

Press Release 24-07-09

Draft Letter supporting Walthamstow Stadium

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2 Responses to Press release from Save Our Stow

  1. bryn n gaz evans says:

    keep going n dont give up we need our cornerstone and flagship .We were treat fantastic when we were lucky enough 2 have a dog good enough 2 run there 3 weeks b4 it closed .well done ricky all the best 2 u from all at hull. aye aye.

  2. C.Jones says:

    Has the council been made aware of the letter from an unhappy L & Q resident attached to the 25 june article ?
    I think it is a good idea in using the track centre for some other entertainments as you have stated,nobody would miss the overgrown flower beds that hindered viewing racing at ground level.May I suggest a Roller Skating Rink.This would attract people of all ages and would genrate income while the stadium is not being used for Greyhound racing.

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