Stadium bidder named

Yesterday, Nick Budimir, was named as the businessman leading a substantive team of investors who intend to make an offer to buy the Stow. Budimir would like to meet L&Q at the earliest possible opportunity with a view to buying the stadium and returning it to greyhound racing. Walthamstow’s Labour MP Neil Gerrard and Liberal Democrat deputy leader of Waltham Forest Council, John Macklin will help broker the meeting.

See the video of Ricky Holloway’s speech on Vimeo: SOS 4 July 2009 from Stow Judge

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3 Responses to Stadium bidder named

  1. stow_judge says:

    link to the video from yesterday’s rally.
    Thanks to Ricky and the team for all their hard work. SAVE OUR STOW!

  2. Barrie Clegg says:

    Just like to say a big thanks to all who turned up yesterday. Despite the doubters I truly believe that we can and will bring back our beloved Stow. As I see it we have 2 big battles ahead-firstly securing the meeting between L&Q and Nick and has team (which Neil Gerrard and John Macklin have agreed to join forces to secure) and secondly that both parties can agree a price for the track. Thanks again.

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