L&Q to let the stadium rot

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It’s now almost a year since the Stadium closed and both L&Q and the Council seem to have done nothing to move this fowards.

  1. See the following letter from L&Q to Neil Gerrard MP, they have clearly changed their stance. They told us last year that plans for the buildings future would have already been submitted by now, they have not – now they talk about a ‘viable long term project’  – which means it will likely stay empty for years.

    L&Q Letter copy

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  2. In this letter they mention ‘varied reasons’ why our lease offer is not sustainable – yet have not supplied or communicated any. We can’t think of any reasons why leasing could not happen and if L&Q care to communicate their ‘varied reasons’ for this not being sustainable, we would be happy to address this.
  3. Meanwhile, Waltham Forest Council promised an independent study, by Urban Practitioners, about the use of the land by the end of 2008 – this still has not been published. Why is this?


In response to this total lack of action, we are organising a demonstration on Saturday 4th July, it will start at 12 noon and people should gather outside the stadium. We need to get this back on the agenda, get questions answered and get L&Q and the Council to address this mess!

Write to your Councillors

Remember – there will be a local election next year and your local representatives will need your vote soon, what are they doing about the ‘Stow and those 500 + jobs that have been lost. Writing to them takes 5 minutes using this automated site, www.writetothem.com, and you must insist they reply to you.

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3 Responses to L&Q to let the stadium rot

  1. question says:

    Why do they say they have received no offers to buy the track

    Are they lying or not?

  2. Phil Walsh says:

    L&Q obviously don’t want to lease the stadium back because they know that any lease will prove that the stadium is viable for greyhound racing.

    If we aren’t careful the stadium will remain empty just like the EMD cinema has.

    The best approach to getting greyhound racing back is this:-

    1. Get commitments from every councillor/candidate standing in the next local election to come out and state whether they support SOS plans or not

    2. Publicise these commitments (on the website and the local papers) so when people vote they know who will support the SOS

    3. Put up candidates ourselves in every ward where no councillor or candidate will support SOS plans

  3. JohnS says:

    We need to organise independent candidates to stand against the Labour Councillors who are the ones in the Council who are letting this happen, or certainly doing nothing proactive to stop it!

    Cllr Terry Wheeler is Portfolio Holder, Enterprise and Investment in the Council’s Cabinet. His ward is Cathall in Leytonstone and is one of the weakest in the Borough, campaigning against him would get him out.

    He is causing considerable outrage at the moment with his support of the UCKG church developing a church on the Granada cinema site in Walthamstow. It might be worth joining together with the cinema campaigners and work jointly to get Wheeler out.

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