L&Q are made an offer

Letter sent to L&Q

Letter sent to L&Q

The following letter has been sent to L&Q who now own Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium – the letter outlines that the consortium have 2 solid options for L&Q – either sell the stadium in its entirity or lease it.

We await a response from L&Q and as soon as there is news from them, will post it here.

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13 Responses to L&Q are made an offer

  1. Paul Walsh says:

    good luck

  2. Olivia Noble says:

    Wishing you all the very best!

    We want Greyhound Racing back & are in full support of everyone trying to make this happen.

    Walthamstow Stadium is an icon & we must get it back up & running!

  3. Toby Lynas says:

    great news, fingers crossed that walthamstow will get its dog track back

  4. Kim Sanzone says:

    Good luck to all in reinstating Walthamstow to the track it always could and should have been.

    I wish the Americans well in their endeavour and hope to see the famous neon sign lighting up the sky once again very soon.

  5. Barrie Clegg says:

    L&Q should be embarrassed in to properly engaging with SOS to bring greyhound racing back to the Stow. They would be foregoing over £1m of partly public funds if they refuse our 750K offer when added to the 200k rates and security costs they are currently paying on the empty site. Its an abuse of public funds and there should be a public outcry in my view. 750k represents 4.2% on their 18m investment-far better than a bank return. There is only one reason why they will not accept it-they know that it will show how viable the track can be run thus scuppering any future chance of planning permission!!

  6. martin white says:

    Good luck to all concerned, here’s hoping you can pull it off.

  7. david andrews says:

    lets not give in to the fight , weve come this far, now lets put the icing on the cake,..anyone fancy a grand prix in october?? over 640mts of course

  8. Colin Petrie says:

    Why are the local council not releasing the independent report they commissioned on Greyhound racing returning to the Stow. The Stow WILL provide jobs and inject income into the bourgh – COME ON BORIS GET INVOLVED!!

  9. martin donovan says:

    This is great news, i was elated when i heard, its time to get the momentum going , lets show Waltham Forest council and L&Q that we are all still here and want the stow back, !!! good luck SOS , and well done!!!

  10. RockitRadio says:

    What great news! lets hope this is the breakthrough we have all been waiting for,
    Well done to all the SaveOurStow group,
    We are keeping our fingers crossed !!!

  11. david andrews says:

    ricky for prime minister i say!!!!

  12. David James says:

    That’s what i like to hear, the fight is still on! Well done guys, S.O.S!

  13. Lewis Fisher says:

    Time is running out for L&Q, i have full confidence in S.O.S…. its been sitting Dorment for nearly a year now and nothing is even in the pipeline for L&Q…, i definatly think it was a bad invesment like everyone else!!!, “Apart from the Higher ups at L&Q”…. looool, they shud be ashamed..hah..

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