Walthamstow Stadium update

Happy New Year to all supporters!

Before Christmas Waltham Forest Council commissioned Urban Practitioners, a firm of architects, to carry out an independent study about what should happen with the Stadium site – we are still awaiting the publication of this report and if it is made public by the Council, it will be published here.

As reported in the press, L&Q Housing Group, who currently own the site – temporarilily allowed the KICC church to put up a huge marquee for religious gatherings over the Christmas and New Year period – this has now gone.

The consortium is still working with a possible buyer behind the scenes – any sale will alway depend on L&Q’s willingness to sell.

L&Q have not yet submitted any plans for flats on the site. Plans would need to be approved by Waltham Forest Council’s planning department.

Please be assured that although it may seem that the campaign is quiet, everyone involved is still positive and working towards the aim of having a working Greyhound Stadium on the site once again.

Please continue to voice your concerns about the loss to the area to your local representatives.

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1 Response to Walthamstow Stadium update

  1. paul sullivan says:

    I’m with you all the way. Owned dogs at the Stow, Pepadika and Jopadeed.
    Now at Hove, and my life has been diminished by the Stow closure. My bitch san suu kyi came but, don’t know why, she preferred Romford. Will get another dog /bitch if the Stow opens.

    Keep on staying on!

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