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The Guardian article on January 22nd ‘Campaigners slam Stow inaction’ is available to read online.

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  1. IAN HAYLOCK says:

    Cannot understand why L and Q state “cannot consider leasing because of legal and safety reasons”well lets hear what they are,so they can be discussed and dealt with.Was there safety concerns 6 months ago when the place was packed to the rafters,dont think so!
    The whole episode is a disgrace,we,the public have been robbed of a trouble free,entertaining and sociable night out ,not to mention emplyment for local residents, the local authorities dont seem to care.I attended for years hardly ever saw any disorder ,come on council,L and Q,Local authorities,whoever lets hear and see some valid evidence of why the most famous greyhound stadium in the world should cease to operate

  2. Martin Dovovan says:

    Well said Mr Ian Haylock, I often drive past the “Stow” and it saddens me, What was once the “Best greyhound stadium” in the country now lie’s derelict , stripped of its fixtures and fittings, Its now been 6 months since the famous stadium closed its doors for the last time, A whole way of life has been taken away, over 450 full and part time jobs have been lost at what we would all agree is probably the worst time to lose your job, There is no reason why the stow could not have stayed open in this time whilst planning permissions were agreed and passed (if they were), In the past 6 months since the “Stow” closed ive watched its slow deterioration from a magestic stadium into nothing more than a shell of its former self, And all the while the council and L&Q continue to duck and dive the real issue here, Walthamstow stadium should never have closed in the first place! The truth is that the council dont give a damn about the boroughs lesiure facilities, They’re too busy thinking about how much more council tax and other revenue’s they can generate from 500 new homes in their borough, As for L&Q? Well they have bought a piece of land that was once worth over twenty million pounds and due to the credit crunch is now probably worth a third less, No wonder they havent submitted any plans yet! Why dont LBWF and L&Q swallow their pride and admit that they were wrong? If they had any decencey in them they would get their heads together and devise a plan to bring the “Stow” back into use thus bringing hundreds of jobs back to people that really need them, Not just at the “Stow” but all the local business’s that benefit from an average of 900 hungry people in need of a lift home! Good luck all at the Save Our Stow Group.

  3. Mike says:

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  4. david andrews says:

    i totally agree ian, it`s all gone pretty quiet on the stadium front , does anyone know the the latest .

  5. david andrews says:

    where do we go from here???

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