Church pitch up on Stadium site

Yesterday a diligent member of the public emailed us to say that an Evangelical church will be using the stadium site  and erecting a tent over the Christmas period. Apparently, this does not require planning permission as long at they don’t stay longer than 28 days this year and 28 days next year.

If anyone has any photos, we’d be interested to see them.

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3 Responses to Church pitch up on Stadium site

  1. gogoidle says:

    i have three pictures of the tent if you want them.
    two are from the edge of the car park….the other is from the gates at the side of the main entrance after i was told i couldn’t take any pictures!

  2. Administrator says:

    Yes, please – could you post them to the Flickr Group? The address is – they’ll then come up automatically in the right hand column.

  3. gogoidle says:

    the pictures can be viewed here…

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