Please help keep up the pressure

We are fed up of being ignored by the Council – they would rather we went away quietly. We must not let them forget that this campaign is bigger than the handful of people in the consortium.


This is about local people, and visitors from outside of the local area wanting a safe, cheap and enjoyable night out!


Let’s keep up the pressure on all of those local representatives who are voted for by us and whose wages are paid for with our council tax!


It’s easy to write to people please visit this website – type in your postcode and it will list all your representatives – please write to all of them, even those who represent you in Europe! If you don’t hear back within a couple of weeks – chase them up!


We want them to let us know – what happens now? What is the council doing? What are the political parties doing? What is their position on this?

And importantly that we will keep fighting for the land to be retained and used for leisure and specifically as a greyhound stadium.


There have been various meeting between the council and the Save Our Stow consortium, the council and L&Q Housing Association and L&Q Housing Association and Save Our Stow.

Matters seem to have now become caught up in Council and Town Planning Bureaucracy.

L&Q seem to still think that the stadium site would better serve local people as flats rather than a greyhound stadium and leisure site.


In order for them to get planning permission to build any flats – L&Q must go through the council to apply for a change of use of the land. This is a long process. The planning department must consider all options.


We must all put pressure on the council to keep this land as a greyhound stadium, to keep the land usage for leisure and refuse planning permission for flats. Then L&Q will be forces to sell the land back.


Please encourage everyone you know to do the same!

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  1. question says:

    Do SOS have the money?

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