L&Q Statement

SOS met with L&Q yesterday, the meeting apparently went well, more details to follow as the team are working on preparing for the next stage of negociations.

In the meantime L&Q have issued the following press release:

Statement re. Meeting with SOS consortium

A spokesperson for the consortium involving London & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q), yoo Capital and KW Linfoot Plc which has acquired the Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium site said:

L&Q acting on behalf of the above consortium met with the SOS consortium on the 17th September.

This was not, as has been reported, a meeting to negotiate the sale of the land. No deal has been agreed between us and the SOS consortium. Instead this meeting was an opportunity for the SOS consortium to actually introduce themselves, for them to present a more detailed business proposal and to provide evidence that funds are available for any proposed purchase. The proposal received on the 23rd July was far too brief to be considered.

Following this meeting we are now able to look at their proposal and give it our full consideration. Once a decision has been made we will contact the SOS consortium directly. As this is a private business matter until a decision has been reached we have no further comment with regards to the proposal.


L&Q Communications team: 020 8557 2126 / communications@lqgroup.org.uk

Notes to Editors

About L&Q
L&Q is a not-for-profit housing association committed to providing high quality, affordable homes.
L&Q manages more than 57,000 homes across London and the South-East, and builds around 1,100 new homes each year.
L&Q is overseen by a voluntary governing board, is an exempt charity and does not have shareholders.
L&Q generates income from a mix of rents, Housing Corporation grants and private finance.
For more information about L&Q please visit the website: http://www.lqgroup.org.uk

About yoo

yoo Capital, a sister company of property branding and design company, yoo, is involved in investing residential and mixed use development projects with a value of $2 billion and over 3,000 units. In addition to providing financial backing, yoo Capital is a premium brand that adds value and increases investment returns for its partners.

We typically invest between 10% and 50% of the project equity required, dependent upon the needs of the development partner, and the scale of the development.

Over the past nine years yoo has been working across the world with international partners on a variety of landmark buildings and large residential projects throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East. Currently yoo is involved in the development of more than 25,000 apartments valuing over $10 billion.

For more information about yoo please visit the website: http://www.yoo.com

About KW Linfoot
Based in Leeds, K W Linfoot Plc is recognised as market leader in the development and design of city centre apartments. In recent years, K W Linfoot Plc has become one of the pioneers of the growth of city living throughout the north of England, in Yorkshire, particularly in Leeds, Manchester and York, and has been at the forefront of the transformation and regeneration of the riversides and city centres in both locations:
For more information about KW Linfoot please visit the website http://www.kwlinfoot.co.uk

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1 Response to L&Q Statement

  1. martin donovan says:

    what an impressive cv from kw linfoot and l and q, they are responsable for over 25000 new so called apartments throughout the world, great, we all see the need for affordable housing, but what good is all this housing without recreational facilities such as walthamstow stadium, for the sake of a few hundred more apartments, an iconic place which draws over 3000 eager people every week and has done so for over75 years will be demolished, and turned into a heap of cardboard houses, what a terrible shame, these developers will argue the point that there is a need for affordable housing within the borough, yes that is true, but there are many sites that could be used to build these so called affordable houses on within waltham forest, lndon and quadrant claim to be a peoples housing association working for the people without making a profit, so why cant they see that demolishing the heart of this community is wrong, every commumity needs a hub, and walthamstow stadium IS the hub of the waltham forest community, what else can you do in waltham forest on a tuesday night?? or even a thursday night, walthamstow stadium is the heart of waltham forest and has been for the last 75 years, if l and q and its partners take this away then they are tearing the heart out of waltham forest, Ive been atteding the stow since i was 6 years old, my parents have worked there since the 1970’s, i know the place like the back of my hand, why are’nt waltham forest council doing anything to save this place, it seems that its a done deal and we should just fall into line and accept the fate of our beloved stow, Well i say no!!! there is another way, Reopen the stow and promote it properly, Worst ways sell off some of the land to the developers and keep the rest of the stow open, if the stadium was promoted and advertised properly then we wouldnt be in this situation in the first place, walthamstow stadium attracted more people than any other greyhound stadium in the UK, with a good PR team and some simple advertising, the stow would have enjoyed many more years of trading and profits, its a shame the Chandlers could not see this, it seems that they had become lazy and only interested in profit, after making huge profits for 75 years they decided that after making a loss for one single year was enough to merit their decision to close down and sell their familys history down the river, shame on them, lets hope the efforts of ricky holloways saveourstow campaign comes to something more than just a plea for help, good luck ricky, well done!!! for a fantastic effort to SAVE THE STOW!!!

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