Response to L&Q

L&Q’s letter details nothing of how they will community build, or of how they plan to replace the hundreds of lost jobs in the borough.

“The plans for the site have been described by SOS as for up to 3,000 homes” SOS do not recall this statement and it was either made at a time when L&Q’s plans had not been fully published, or this has been misquoted. L&Q have been asked for the source of this quote.

“What has to be balanced now is the need for the continuance of a sport that has been in decline in terms of popularity for many years versus the steep increase in demand for homes of all types”
The British Greyhound Racing Board do not agree that the sport is in decline – and in areas where managers have invested in facilities and in marketing stadiums have seen a great increase in attendence and in turnover.

The stadium provides much more than just racing, with bars and restaurants, it has many aspects of leisure that have been omitted from the L&Q response.

According to L&Q their “plans are to give Walthamstow a community and homes that it can be proud of and that will also celebrate the rich heritage of the site” – we’re not sure how we’ll all be celebrating the rich heritate of the site yet, but think we’d all rather enjoy the actual track!

There is no mention of Chingford or the rest of the Borough, despite a professed knowledge of the local area.

If anyone has any further comments, please feel free to post them below.

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