Help by Form Filling

The Council’s planning department is currently setting out it’s vision for the future, this could include the Stow if people are able to fill in their online response forms. By filling in these forms and providing your response, you could help secure the future of the stadium.

The deadline for response for filling in your form has been extended to 1 SEPTEMBER 2008

It takes about half an hour to an hour and I have simplified details below for you. Please call the planning department 



020 8496 6775/6777/6774/6773 if you’re stuck. It’s a new system so they are keen for feedback.

This could be important so please give it a go!

1. Go to this page:
2. Register as a private individual with your name and email address. You’ll get a confirmation email which will allow you to log in.
3. Look at the bottom of the page for the document marked ‘Core Strategy Issues and Options’
4. Click on the link marked ‘Core Strategy Issues and Options’ and then click ‘Read Document’
5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Next’
6. The document outlines the options facing the borough for the future and gives you points to ‘Add Comments’ throughout.
7. When you get to a page which is pink and blue, click ‘Add Commnents’ – below the comments box is a summary of the options and issues and a summary of some options.
8. Please fill in the comments part of the form with anything you feel relevant. Select options A,B,C or D etc where you feel they are appropriate. You can select more than one at a time.
9. You can make comments and select options in Chapters 3 to 11.
10. When you finish writing each comments for each section, press ‘Submit’.

The document takes about half an hour to an hour to fill in.

The following points may be of relevance:
Issue 3.1 – A locally distinctive borough
Issue 3.5 – Flood risk
Issue 5.1 Sustainable Economic Development (The stadium is one of the biggest employers in the borough)
Issue 8.4 – Access to social and community facilities

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